McLain Ward and Rothchild Win $1 Million Grand Prix HITS Thermal


McLain Ward and Rothchild Win $1 Million Grand Prix at HITS Thermal

By: Kristin Lee


McLain Ward and Rothchild were the big winners coming out of HITS Thermal, Week 8, taking home top honors in the AIG $1 Million Grand Prix on Sunday March, 20th. The dynamic duo finished the jump off in 36.74 seconds — 2 seconds faster than Chill RZ and Charlie Jayne, who settled for runners-up.


Rothchild wins the HITS Thermal AIG $1 Million Grand Prix 2016

Winner, winner, carrots for dinner! Someone notify the press!! Rothchild let us snap a photo of him with his ears forward!!


Charlie Jayne had to settle for second, but hey, that $200,000 check isn’t so bad!


HITS Thermal AIG $1 Million Grand Prix 2016

Ears pricked, knees to cheeks, getting some airtime… Chill R Z couldn’t look anymore perfect over this oxer!


Eat your hearts out, ladies! Oh… yeah… we’re definitely referring to the horse here!


HITS Thermal AIG $1 Million Grand Prix 2016

Who doesn’t love a tall, dark and handsome grand prix mount?! Chill RZ looking poised in his reserve champ ribbon. BTW… Charlie’s whites look SO white! How does he do that?!


The temperature in Thermal, CA on Sunday hit a high of 95 degrees. So, what better way to keep you and your pony cool than standing in front of the misting fan?


HITS Thermal AIG $1 Million Grand Prix 2016

Normal superstar treatment, and check out those ribbons! Livin’ the life!


Richard Spooner and Chivas Z finished second-last and out of the money, but they get an award from us for sitting pretty!


Richard Spooner and Chivas Z

Check out the line from Spooner’s elbow to the bit, the straightness of his back, his leg and Chivas Z’s form… We think George Morris would be proud!


Karl Cook and Tembla took home a 6th place ribbon that was good for $40,000


Karl Cook and Tembla

Cook and Tembla soar over the Egyptian oxer.


$1 Million Grand Prix HITS Saugerties winners in 2013, Nayal Nasser and Lordan finished 14th and took home a check for $3,500.


Nayal Nasser and Lordan

Lordan keeps an eye on the hungry looking pac mans below.




McLain Ward and Rothchild HITS Thermal

Rothchild looking fabulously fierce while Ward spots the next fence. Pay close attention… This is concentration at its finest!!



Rothchild wins AIG $1 Million Grand Prix

Ward and Rothchild in full flight and on their way to victory!


But, wait! A clear round wouldn’t be complete without a celebratory buck from the ever so sassy Rothchild. We had to include a photo of his famous buck past the timers of the jump off!


Rothchild's Winning Buck

*cue music* … Celebrate good times, C’MON!


AIG $1 Million Order of Finish

1 923 Rothchild
Sagamore Farms – McLain Ward $350,000.00
2 1052 Chill RZ
Maura Thatcher/ Alex Jayne – Charlie Jayne $200,000.00
3 1220 Aristoteles V
Candy Tribble & Windsor Show Stables – Jonathan McCrea $120,000.00
4 628 Catypso
Signe Ostby – Eric Navet $100,000.00
5 981 Ramona de Flobecq
Andre Thieme – Andre Thieme $75,000.00
6 629 Tembla
Signe Ostby Karl Cook 40000.00
7 387 Firestone
Nicole Teague – Kristin Hardin $300,00.00
8 439 NKH Quanto
NKH LLC – Christian Heineking $20,000.00
9 1018 Edesa’s Basantos
Edesa Horse Promotions Inc – Chris Pratt $15,000.00
10 1147 Kiwi Iron Mark
Katie Laurie Ohaupo – Jeffrey Fields $10,000.00
11 909 Warrant
Ilan Ferder – Alberto Michan $7,500.00
12 563 Here I Come – Jenni McAllister $4,500.00
13 889 World’s Judgement
W.J. Partners – Lisa Carlsen $3,500.00
14 616 Lordan
Nayel Nassar – Nayel Nassar $3,500.00
15 918 Heros de Papignies Z
Alejandro Zendejas – Juan Jose Zendejas $3,500.00
16 337 Chacna
Enrique Gonzalez – Enrique Gonzalez $3,500.00
17 903 E-Unanime De La Haie
Monarch International – William Simpson $3,500.00
18 1219 Dynamo
Candy Tribble & Windsor Show Stables – Christine McCrea $3,500.00
19 982 Uppercut Charannais
Pamela Bilek – Peter Petschenig $3,500.00
20 1040 Agro Star
Little Valley Farms – Mandy Porter $3,500.00
21 1346 Chivas Z
Richard Spooner – Richard Spooner $0.00
22 1152 Christian Grey
Haley Farms, LLC Tiffany Sullivan $0.00


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