How to Sell Horses Online

How to Sell Horses Online



How to Sell Horses Online

By: Natalie Rietkerk

Since beginning my equestrian career, I have purchased and sold more than 10 horses by using the Internet and my personal connections in the industry. Through trial and error I have learned what to do, what not to do and how to do it on a budget. In years past, the main way of purchasing or selling a horse was done by word of mouth. Only recently has technology given buyers a way to see and research their next mount without having to see the horse in person. This change in the industry has put a lot of pressure on the seller to make their horse desirable through only a few pictures, a brief description and videos.

The number one way to sell your horse is by marketing and advertising! People cannot buy your horse if they never see or hear of it. The Internet is alive and well with websites dedicated to horse sales, and many equine professionals advertise horses on their personal pages. Horses are even being advertised on Facebook now-a-days!

The signal most important part of marketing your horse is the photo. A picture really does speak a thousand words and it’s the first impression the potential buyer will have of your horse. Be sure the horse looks their best but give the buyer an honest image of your horses’ appearance – just a highly flattering one. I speak from personal experience when I say that the picture makes or breaks a buyers’ interest in seconds. The horse may be exactly what they’re looking for functionally, but if the photo doesn’t leave the potential buyer in awe; why would they waste time and money to come see the horse in person when there are so many others?


Now, compare these pictures:

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of


The photograph of the first horse has been carefully planned, framed and the horse looks flawless.

Photo courtesy of


The second photograph looks as if no effort was put into preparing the horse or taking the photo. It is poorly lit, the horse is positioned awkwardly and you can’t even see her face.

So, you tell me which horse you would rather have in your barn?

In my next post, I will discuss the best websites to market your horse.



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